These great hostess gifts guarantee you'll be asked back
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These great hostess gifts guarantee you'll be asked back

Apr 04, 2023

It's weekend getaway season, which means at some point, you will be a summer guest. From casual stays to party gatherings, you have the chance to make great memories this season – and to give great hostess gifts. We’ve found the goods to make the giving easy.

I’m breaking this down by the places you’ll go, and the crowd you’ll hang with:

Where you’re going: Your pal's city loft with a rooftop garden.

Give it to: Those friends who love urban living, but want a relationship to nature.

The gift to bring: Gather Chocolate Gift Box ($27-$39 on

Why: The pretty box filled with 16 adorable bee-embossed chocolates is filled with flavors like caramelized honey; pomegranate molasses; sour cherry; sesame crunch; coconut cluster; and cashew caramel. Each one is flavored with a note of local wildflower honey, and the whole shebang is dedicated to saving the bees and other pollinators that are in danger. They donate 2.5% of all Gather sales to the Pollinator Partnership ( to help them preserve and protect our pollinators.

Where you’re going: An old friend's beach house.

Give it to: Your best friends from college who just like to hang on the dunes and have a bevvy without a big to-do.

The gift to bring: Red Mariner Stripe Beverage Bucket Bag ($75 on

Why: It doesn't get much easier than this. Show up with this water-resistant recycled sail cloth-turned-collapsible cooler, and you’re the guest-est who's the best-est. The fact that it comes in a classic red Breton stripe just makes it that much more irresistible.

Where you’re going: A pretty country farmhouse.

Give it to: Work friends who love to roll out fantastic picnics.

The gift to bring: The sparkling rosé, Le Grand Courtâge ($22 on

Why: Bring the bright-flavored but totally affordable Brut Rosé that's elegant and refreshing on a hot day. It goes with anything— from strawberry tart to office gossip.

Where you’re going: A cute suburban getaway, with pool.

Give it to: A girlfriend, obviously, since this will be an all-girls’ weekend.

The gift to bring: The Tulip Celestial 8-Color Tie-Dye Kit ($16.49 on

Why: Project time! Set your ladies up with this kit and roll up your sleeves to make tie-dye tees around the pool, like you used to back in girls’ summer camp.

Where you’re going: A simple, elegant island home.

Give it to: Your significant other's family.

The gift to bring: A truly beautiful home fragrance, like 34 Boulevard Saint Germain large candle ($240 on

Why: Trust me — this one wins them over every time.

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