Planners approve GM site plan request
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Planners approve GM site plan request

May 26, 2023

Brookville planning commission approved a site development plan from General Motors that will allow the company to construct a second building on Campus Boulevard.

Terry Baver | The Register-Herald

BROOKVILLE — Planning commission gave its approval to a site development plan that will allow General Motors to construct a building next to the current DMAX facility at 101 Campus Boulevard.

Planning commission also gave its approval to the Brookville Retail Industrial Section Four Subdivision record plan that calls for the construction of a new road from West Campus Boulevard to the south boundary of the property owned by General Motors.

"The proposed expansion will add approximately 1.1 million square feet to the existing 251,000 square foot building," Brookville Law Director Rod Stephan said.

"The property is currently zoned I-2 General Industrial District," Stephan added.

Stephan said the proposed site plan "meets all of the required site development regulations for the I-2 General Industrial District."

Stephan said the building setback all exceeds the minimum standard setbacks and the building height does not exceed the maximum height of 45 feet.

"The proposed parking area meets the parking lot requirements in chapter 1159," Stephan said.

"The site plan provides for stormwater management for the site and the site plan complies with all other applicable provisions of the zoning code," Stephan continued.

Planning commission member Ken Claggett asked Ron Hazenbush, design manager for Barton Malow, the general contractor for GM, when will the project begin.

"It's a complex question. As far as moving dirt, it will probably be in July at some time. Actually constructing the building will be some time after that," Hazenbush replied.

Planning commission member Damian Kristof asked Hazenbush about the concern from the owners of Foxhole Farm, located near the proposed construction site, and other Clay Township residents of the potential loss of the natural habitat in that area.

"Is it correct that all the trees located between the new building and Dodson Road will be removed?" Kristof asked.

"I think they are looking for some kind of buffer to the west of the new building," Brookville Mayor Chuck Letner explained.

Hazenbush replied a plan for the western section of the development is being created.

"I think you previously came to us to see if we could potentially plant some forest in that west edge," Hazenbush said.

"That is one of the requests we have to see what we can do at the site to put back some of those trees in certain locations that will provide some of those buffers," Hazenbush continued.

Hazenbush indicated whether the plan is to create "a full forest or the planting of "strategic trees" is currently being discussed.

"I understand you are planning on connecting West Campus Boulevard with Upper Lewisburg-Salem Road," Claggett said to Hazenbush.

"That is correct," Hazenbush replied.

Stephan noted the new street will head to the south.

"Everything on the existing West Campus Boulevard that's to the west of that heading southwesterly will be vacated. The utilities will be removed out of that area. We will also be tearing up the section of pavement there," Stephan said.

"Beyond the south boundary we need to do some traffic studies and evaluation of what will be done there and that will probably be brought back to planning commission at a later date, but the plan is to eventually connect West Upper Lewisburg-Salem Road with West Campus Boulevard," Stephan continued.

Stephan noted the relocation of the utilities will take place first.

"We need to get the utilities out of their way so they can do their ground work and other things in preparation of building the building," Stephan said.

Stephan indicated after the utilities are removed and relocated, the new street will be built.

We are going to work on the street as rapidly as possible," Stephan said.

Stephan noted the Clay Township trustees and the Montgomery County engineers office gave their approval for a temporary construction entrance at the south end of the property.

"Are there any additional traffic studies needed for Arlington Road?" planning commission chairperson Ryan Henderson asked.

"Not at this time. In the future we are probably looking at signalizing the intersection of Arlington Road and Campus Boulevard. We will be studying that in the future," Stephan answered.

Claggett asked what's the city's investment in the project.

"We’re still working through all the funding sources, but the city will be making some investment in the construction of the new street and the relocation of the existing utilities," Stephan replied.

"We’re going to work with a number of different partners to construct the road," Stephan added.

Stephan indicated the city received a $350,000 EDGE grant from Montgomery County.

Stephan added the Dayton/Montgomery County Port Authority has approved a capital lease pact with the city.

"This potentially will generate as much as $7.7 million in assistance for the project," Stephan said.

Stephan said the city is also working to secure grant funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Stephan noted the construction of the new road and the building will take approximately two years to complete.

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Brookville planning commission approved a site development plan from General Motors that will allow the company to construct a second building on Campus Boulevard.