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"Push Present"—What is it and Should You Get One?

May 17, 2023

"Push Present".

If you've had a baby somewhat recently, you might be familiar with this phrase. However, if you're like me and you totally forgot about what this was, or you have no clue what it means, allow me to enlighten you.

A "push present" or a push gift is something that one gifts to their partner who just birthed their child. As an example, it would be something that my husband bought for me to celebrate giving birth to our baby girl. And apparently, it's a bigger deal than I realized.

Kelly Clarkson recently commented that it was a "red flag" that her ex-husband never got her one for giving birth to their two children. Even going so far as to say that her ex probably didn't even know what a "push present" was. But to be fair, I wonder how old or well-known this phenomenon is.

I didn't even know what a push present was, or that I should be expecting one until my husband's cousin asked him what he was getting me. It was suggested that my hubby could gift me a diamond ring since the baby was due in April and that's what the April birthstone is. That's also what my hubby's cousin gifted his wife, as she gave birth to both their children in April.

While diamonds might be a girl's best friend, I didn't want or need anything flashy. To be honest, I didn't even feel like I needed a push present...a gift for doing something I was going to do anyway? I'd be fine without one. But little did I know my hubby already had one in mind. He offered to pay for my next tattoo...and if you know me well enough, you'll know I quickly and happily accepted!

All of this is to say, why the heck are push presents a thing? Is it just me? Or is this a more practiced tradition than I realized? Did you get a push present? Whatever the case, chime in and let me know how you feel about it by sending me a message with the station app.