Maurice’s Beach Stickers Stay Seasonal
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Maurice’s Beach Stickers Stay Seasonal

May 03, 2023

By The Independent Jun 7, 2023

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Maurice's Beach Stickers Stay Seasonal

The select board denied an appeal made by Maurice's Campground property manager Julie Simpson to allow campground residents to purchase resident beach stickers. According to Director of Community Services Suzanne Grout Thomas, the beach office established a new category of beach sticker in February for seasonal residents, specifically aimed at residents of Maurice's. Those stickers cost $75; resident stickers are $35.

"I want to be a part of the community, and I don't feel like we are being considered a part of the community," Simpson told the select board on June 6.

"The residents have a year-round lease agreement," she continued. "I pay property taxes, I pay the rooms tax, and we are being denied residency."

According to Thomas, there are seven ways beachgoers can qualify for resident stickers. They include being a registered voter, being listed as a domiciled year-round resident on the Wellfleet census, or paying a property tax bill of at least $400. Maurice's residents do not qualify under any of those categories, Thomas said.

"I have come to realize that the people who rent annually at Maurice's do not live there 12 months a year," Thomas said. "The units are rented, but they are not rented year-round."

According to Simpson, her lease agreements are dated Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, and many Maurice's residents live at the campground for more than six months a year, qualifying them as "domiciled" residents under state regulations.

Maurice's abutter Roland Blair said, "These people are being singled out. They feel disenfranchised because they are losing their trailers in six years, and now we are kicking them when they are down. They live here for more than six months; they deserve resident stickers."

The select board, however, was not convinced. The members urged Simpson to encourage Maurice's residents to apply for seasonal beach stickers meant for residents who live in town four to six months of the year. —Sam Pollak

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