11 best gifts for frequent travellers in UAE, for 2023
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11 best gifts for frequent travellers in UAE, for 2023

Mar 30, 2023

From scratch-off maps to global spice kits, pick up a fun present for the globetrotter

Hold on to the globetrotter in your midst, before they jet off to another dreamy destination this summer. Let them know you're wishing them safe travels with a functional item for the airport, flight or upcoming tours. Selecting a gift for a frequent traveller might seem like rocket science, at first. But, even the most professional of fliers will need an upgrade every now and then, whether to their toiletry kit or travel journal. You could bundle smaller items into a care package or splurge on a single item from our list.

Below, you'll find gift ideas inspired by avid travellers who previously spoke to us about game-changing necessities and in-flight essentials. Our research has also taken us to globetrotting circles online that share trending items for every type of traveller, from the beach lover to the adventurer.

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Is there a voracious reader as well as a traveller in your circle? A dedicated e-reader is not an essential most fliers would invest in, given their hefty travel expenses. Most will cruise by with the help of their phone or physical copies, which is why a Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect entertainment device for them. It makes travelling with an extensive library possible, hence saving space and adding more variety to long commutes. This edition of the Kindle weighs 205 grams and has a 6.8-inch display that's glare-free even in bright sunlight. A single charge via any USB-C cable will last weeks for the heavy reader. Frequent fliers in the reviews say the Kindle is a welcome relief from their small smartphone screen and that it's helped them save power on the devices they need. Touch sensitivity is also a noticeable upgrade from previous versions. Don't forget to add a protective cover for a better grip. Check out other tech travel items here.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty.

When strolling through crowded night markets and busy city centres, the last thing a traveller needs is their backpack weighing them down. Crossbody phone bags are all the rage now for keeping only the most basic of belongings safe, while the rest stays in the hotel. Baggallini's nylon phone bag is more durable than its chic leather counterparts. Not only is it water-resistant, but it also keeps your smartphone and up to five cards protected using the anti-theft RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Per reviewers, your travel buddy will be able to stash away some cash, a pair of sunnies and a daily lip product inside this mini bag.

Here's a grand travel set of Marvis toothpaste tubes to make sure the traveller in your life never runs out of this oral hygiene essential. Each of the seven 25ml tubes introduces an exciting minty flavour, from cinnamon to licorice, to keep your loved one guessing. Besides the colourful appeal, the toothpaste is chockful of beneficial ingredients that cleanse teeth and gums gently without causing irritation. Reviewers find this set to be a great way to treat themselves to a bit of luxury at the start and end of the day. It's also a popular choice as a gift.

Frequent travellers are notorious for packing their days from dawn to dusk. If they find it difficult to recount to you the many activities and warm encounters, then gift them a travel diary. Moleskine's hardcover traveller's journal has a page for every kind of trip. They'll get to pen down 20 short trips and six long travels with blank sheets reserved for sticking photographs, tickets and other collectibles. Inside, there are themed stickers for customising entries, two ribbon bookmarks and an inner pocket. The best part is that this 400-page diary comes in a premium gift box ready to be wrapped.

Handpicked by our perfume expert, Lorna Mc Kay, co-founder of The Perfume Society, the Replica Beach Walk scent is a fantastic addition to a traveller's perfume kit. This summer fragrance lingers closer to the skin than elsewhere, formulated with pink pepper, bergamot, coconut milk and musk. Replica Beach Walk is ideal for a friend who holds a special affinity for time spent under the sun and on foreign beaches. Check out other travel perfumes.

Help them start a travel-themed collection of artistic coffee table books, just so they can impress guests with their neverending list of destinations. Assouline's stunning designer range features titles on popular cities, such as Ibiza, Cairo, Miami, Mykonos and Bali, complete with glossy photos that will transport your loved one to a time fondly remembered.

If your travel buddy is always sceptical of hotel or hostel cutlery, gift them a portable set that goes wherever they go. Bamboo utensils have incredible tensile strength, are dishwasher-safe and, above all, eco-friendly. In this set, there are seven items, including a wooden straw, chopsticks and a straw cleaning brush. Users note that they're easy to clean, fit well inside the pouch it comes in and discourage them from reaching for single-use plastics.

This one is for the adventurous hiker, biker and explorer - the Grayl UltraPress bottle purifies any water with a press of the lid. Even if they chance upon a riverbed, the water filter bottle promises a refreshing drink, removing all pathogens, like dysentery, norovirus and amoebae, and filtering out microplastics, chemicals, pesticides and odours. The 500ml bottle does all of this in 10 seconds, without needing any batteries or additional setup. It's only after 300 filtration cycles or 150 litres of water that the bottle will need a cartridge replacement. Travellers leave five-star reviews after purifying water from taps, springs and streams.

Give them a pair of compression socks for long-haul flights, and if they're known to routinely wear them, we're sure none look as good as Vim and Vigr's colourful range. This pair puts a comfortable pressure of 15 to 20 mmHg (millimetres of mercury) on the legs, so it's ideal for everyday wear. The pressure begins at the ankles and gradually eases at the calves, reducing swelling and muscle soreness once they come off. Reviewers assure that the socks are a breeze to wear and feel breathable all the time. Choose from women's and men's sizes, along with the best pattern to match your loved one's personality.

Let the frequent flier cross destinations off their bucket list - literally. This original scratch-off map by Luckies of London is thoroughly detailed, putting every island, capital city, state and border to paper. Its topmost gold foil layer allows the traveller the satisfaction of scratching a destination with a coin, only to reveal the coloured version of the map underneath. A visual depiction of their past travels on the wall will also help them plan better. The map arrives crease-free in a cardboard tube. Several reviewers pick it up as a present for their traveller friends, calling it a unique way to track their trips.

Has your loved one developed an international palate? Wow them with a global spice kit that will take them back to their favourite street foods and meals abroad. This starter pack by Nummy Nibbles features four flavours for Latin, European, African and Indian dishes - in here you'll find sazon, herbs de provence, tikka and berbere. All spices are salt-free with no fillers. According to reviews, the blends go well with meats and vegetables, and help them watch their sodium intake.

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